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1.The Company is a legal entity which provides the serivce of advertising real estate.

2.Users of the Service are individuals or legal entities that visit or publish ads on the Service. Users of the service can be visitors or registered Users.

- The Visitors are Service Users who have free access to all ads available of the Service via the internet. No prior registration is required to access the ads.

- Registered Users are persons who have registered on the Service. Users who register (legal and individual persons) can publish their ads under the conditions defined by the Company.


The agreement between the User and the Company is considered to be the concluded consent of the User to use the Company's Service (either via the Internet or mobile phone applications). Users may use the service only under the conditions described in the provisions of the contract on the information entity services.


Through the service, The Company provides a real estate advertising service. Only registered individuals and legal entities can place ads on the Service. Advertising is done on a special form and the ad will be visible immediately upon activation.

Ad duration is 6 months. After the period expires, the ad needs to be renewed in order to be active again.

The number of free ads for individuals per user is___________.

The number of free ads for legal entities per user is ___________.

Ads can be free or paid (if you want your ads to stand out). The number of free ads per user is limited. Paid ads have priority when searching. Payment for advertisements is made according to the auction principle. The price of the ad refers to 1 preview. Ads with a higher bid (per preview) will have a better position.

Registration for individuals is free and allows: saving and placing ads, and deactivating the account

Registration for legal entities is also free. It is valid for registered business entities nad enables: storage and placement of advertisements, and deactivation of the account (for registered Users-legal entities, the Company does not guarantee that they have the status of a business entity.


The company-service provider operates by the regulations of the Copyright Act, the Law on Personal Data Protection, the Law on Electronic Commerce.

Law on Advertising, Law on Obligations and other rules od the information entity.

Copyright Act

The Company owns the copyright and intellectual property rights to the Service. Any use of the Service (or part of the Service), without prior written authorization from the Company, will be treated as copyright infringement and will be legally sanctioned.

The Company's liability applies only to the contents of the Service which are its copyright work.

Downloading the content of the service by other persons is allowed only with the consent of the Company. In that case, the other person is obliged to indicate the link from which the content was downloaded.

Law on Personal Data Protection

By registering, registered person consent to the Company being able to use the data (name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, residential address) for the purpose indicated in the description of services legally.

User's Data is used exclusively for identification and complies with the law on professional secrecy. In addition to the Company, the right to use the User's data belongs to the State authorities which are authorized to do so by the law.

The Company has the right to send notifications, advertisements to Users, all by the content of the Service.

The Company does not sell or rent real estate or provide any advice or services other than advertising.

The Company does not influence the content of the ad nor is it responsible for its accuracy.

All responsibility for the accuracy of the data when registering and the content od the ad rests with the User or the individual or legal entity who registered and published the ad, or from whom the ad was taken.

The Users guarantee that they are owners of the real estate they have put into service. The user registers once and from that moment will have their account on the Service and the ability to place ads.

The Company has the right to transmit the placed advertisement on the Service to all visitors of the Service, and for that, it is not obliged to inform or ask for authorization from the advertiser.

The company as a service provider has the right, if it deems appropriate, to remove the ad without notifying or explaining to the User.

The Company has the right to use the posted content for its promotional needs free of charge and without highlighting the author.

The Registered User may deactivate their account without notice or explanation.

The Company does not allow the entry of content that is:

-insulting, defamatory, racist, indecent, propagating hatred, intolerance, harassing, violent, sexually harassing, intermediaries to adult sites, risking privacy or security of individuals,

-content that use the copyrighted work of others without authorization, encourages or promotes the tracing of prohibited goods or criminal activity, publishes passwords, photographs, or videos of others without their consent, transmits spam,

-content that refers to the sale or advertising of goods that do not comply with the content of the Service without the prior consent of the Company, as well as content that unnecessarily burdens the service.

The Company has the right to process such content to the competent state authorities.

The Company is not responsible for errors and problems caused by Internet service providers. The System may be unavailable or partially unavailable with maintaining or upgrading the System.

All disputes between the Company and the Beneficiary (unless the dispute is settled amicably) are subject to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Podgorica or the Basic Court in the case of individuals which are not legal entities.