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Land Lot for Sale, 625m2, Tološi, Podgorica

Tološi, Podgorica, Crna Gora

Published by: Fresh Estate
Price 130,000€
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Basic characteristics
Reference ID 65840
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Reference ID: 65840 Published: 03-08-2022 Updated: 03-08-2022 Real Estate Ad published by: Fresh Estate
Neighborhood: Tološi Price 130,000€ Square footage: 625m2
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Fresh Estate
Fresh Estate Published by | Fresh Estate
28-11-2022 01:37
Tološi, Podgorica, Crna Gora

Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro. It is also the largest city with 250 000 inhabitants. It has a favorable climate with 250 sunny days a year. It is located at the confluence of the rivers Ribnica and Morača in the area of ​​Zeta and Bjelopavlić plains. In addition to the rivers Morača and Ribnica, Zeta, Cijevna, and Sirnica flow through Podgorica. At a distance of 15 km is Skadar Lake, after which, passing through the Sozina tunnel, you exit to the Adriatic Sea. Podgorica is surrounded by hills on all sides and in the city itself, there are hills Gorica and Ljubović which have been turned into excursion places with wonderful trails and attractions for children and adults. It is located at the crossroads of important roads so it has good connections with the Adriatic Sea and also the mountains in the northern part of Montenegro. In less than an hour’s drive, you can swim in the beautiful Adriatic Sea and sunbathe on the sandy beaches, or if you prefer mountain tourism - ski at the ski resort Bjelasica near Kolasin. Thanks to the construction of the highway since 2021. driving time to both destinations will be shortened to half an hour. At a distance of 7 km, there is an airport and there is also railway traffic. Podgorica is a mixture of architectural styles. Buildings in the Old Town and Durres have been preserved from the period of the Ottoman Empire. After the Second World War, in which Podgorica was razed to the ground several times, buildings that are typical of the socialist countries of the Eastern bloc were built. At the end of the 90s of the last century, there was progress in architecture, so a large number of steel and glass buildings were built. The city has expanded so a large number of new apartments in all regions of Podgorica with affordable prices are a good opportunity for young couples from all over Montenegro to obrain a home. Considering that Podgorica is also a cultural and educational center of the country with numerous faculties (both private and state-owned), secondary and primary schools, it is extremely suitable for student life with affordable prices for renting apartments and rooms in any location.

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Show Phone Number 069223514
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Find out more about this real estate/property
Fresh Estate
Fresh Estate Published by | Fresh Estate
28-11-2022 01:37