Office Space for Rent, 38m2, Stara Varoš, Podgorica

350 €
  •  Office Space for Rent, 38m2, Stara Varoš, Podgorica
  •  Office Space for Rent, 38m2, Stara Varoš, Podgorica
  •  Office Space for Rent, 38m2, Stara Varoš, Podgorica
  •  Office Space for Rent, 38m2, Stara Varoš, Podgorica
  •  Office Space for Rent, 38m2, Stara Varoš, Podgorica
  •  Office Space for Rent, 38m2, Stara Varoš, Podgorica
  •  Office Space for Rent, 38m2, Stara Varoš, Podgorica
  •  Office Space for Rent, 38m2, Stara Varoš, Podgorica
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The place is rented out equipped with hairdressing and cosmetic equipment, it can also be empty. It is open type.

It has a kitchenette and a toilet with a shower, it is also equipped with surveillance cameras.

The location is ideal, overlooking the boulevard and the "Normal Company Ljubović Hill Homes" complex, in front of the bar and around there is a public parking lot.

Basic characteristics

Reference ID: 136967
Office space type: Lokal
Parking lot: Da
Air condition: Da
Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Reference ID: 136967
  • Published: 26.05.2023
  • Updated: 26.05.2023
  • Real Estate Ad published by: Manzil Home Real estate
  • Mediator ID: 0
  • Address: Crnogorskih Serdara
  • Neighborhood: Stara Varoš
  • Price: 350€
  • Square footage: 38m2

Stara Varoš, Podgorica, Crna Gora

Stara Varoš is the oldest settlement in Podgorica, located on the banks of the river Ribnica. It got its name after the part of the city on the other side of the river Ribnica called Nova Varoš was constructed (80s of the nineteenth century). The settlement dates back to the period of Ottoman rule (1474) when Podgorica was conquered. There are two mosques here that serve as a monument from the Ottoman period. Of the historical monuments, the Clock Tower from the 17th century is also significant. Although located in the center of the city, Stara Varos has retained the architecture of small compact family houses with narrow streets. If you want to feel the charm of old Podgorica, buying a house for renovation is the right solution.

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