Enhance Your Ad Visibility

Price list for advertising on the estitor.com

Enhance your ad visibility with Estitor.com's cost-effective solutions. Advertising on Estitor.com is complimentary for all individuals and legal entities, provided that ads adhere to Estitor's guidelines and are not duplicated. Additionally, users can enjoy unlimited ad postings.

Free Services for All Users Include:

Sponsored Ads

Maximize your ads' visibility not only on our platform but also across social networks, search engines, and digital media. Explore our sponsorship options to enhance your advertising impact.

Front Page Banner Ads

Banner ads are prominently displayed above the search filter on the front page, offering prime exposure for your brand.


Banners are prominently displayed on both the desktop and mobile versions of our site. They feature external links for seamless direct navigation to the client's website. If the client lacks a website, the banner will link internally, directing users straight to the client’s listings on our portal.

Ad Approval Process:
Before ads go live, they must receive approval from our expert team. Requirements include:

The cost for one banner ad is 500 EUR without VAT, permonth. For further details, pleaase contact us at [email protected]

Premium Ads

Estitor provides the option to feature your ads prominently based on a "pay per click" model.
The visibility and placement of your ads on the Estitor portal, as well as on search engines, social networks, and digital media, will enhance based on the "cost-per-click" rate you choose. This rate is the amount you agree to pay each time a potential buyer clicks on your ad, and it will be deducted from your deposit balance.

For guidance on this advertising approach, please refer to the instructions available at the following link:

Verified partners

Agencies that join as our verified partners receive an extra 10% bonus on every payment made for premium ads. To qualify, simply integrate the designated Estitor HTML segment into your website. This will mark your ads with a special verified user badge, enhancing their visibility not only on our platform but also on major search engines like Google.

This opportunity is exclusively available to agencies with their own websites. For more details, please contact us at [email protected]