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Do you own a real estate in Serbia or Montenegro?

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Who we are?

Our team is made up of professionals and the brightest minds for programming, design, and strategy. Their excellent marketing ideas, great design and rich experience in the real estate market will help the users of our services buy, rent, or sell property using the smartest tools and applications.

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Our company invests significant resources in advertising and marketing and uses innovative technologies to provide you with the fastest, most accurate, and most up-to-date information from the real estate market, because being committed to our customers is our top priority. The strategic goal of our real estate listing is designed to get your ads noticed by the largest number of people interested in buying real estate

Our team

Estitor is dedicated to the goal of becoming the first online agency for buying and selling real estate in the region and to achieve the highest possible standard in providing services because we value your time and your money.

Meet the people behind our idea and work!

    Why Choose Us?

    Because we go one step further than the rest!


    We do not take commission and do not participate in the realization of the sale. Advertising on our platform is free.


    We offer potential buyers the opportunity to make real estate market research quick, enjoyable and easy


    We provide agents and individual sellers with the ability to place and manage ads themselves, whether it is a sale or rental.


    Through our advanced and modern platform, users have the opportunity to publish an ad for their apartment or house in the most efficient way and achieve maximum visibility of their ads.


    We have the unique advantage of enabling statistical analysis of the views of your ads: all sent messages, clicking back to your site (for agencies), the number of views of your ads.


    With our well-adapted algorithm, every potential buyer can find exactly the property that fully suits their wishes and needs.

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