Studio for Sale, 34m2, Preko Morače, Podgorica

80,000 €
  • Studio for Sale, 34m2, Preko Morače, Podgorica
  • Studio for Sale, 34m2, Preko Morače, Podgorica
  • Studio for Sale, 34m2, Preko Morače, Podgorica
  • Studio for Sale, 34m2, Preko Morače, Podgorica
  • Studio for Sale, 34m2, Preko Morače, Podgorica
  • Studio for Sale, 34m2, Preko Morače, Podgorica
  • Studio for Sale, 34m2, Preko Morače, Podgorica
  • Studio for Sale, 34m2, Preko Morače, Podgorica
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Prodaje se namještena garsonjera, površine 34m2, u dijelu grada Preko Morače u Podgorici

Stan se nalazi na 3.spratu u zgradi Maxim. Zgrada posjeduje lift, redovno održavan ulaz. Dostupan je javni parking. 

Sjeveroistočno je orijentisan.

Struktura: ulazni hodnik, dnevni boravak sa trpezarijom, kuhinja, terasa, kupatilo. 

Funkcionalna i lijepo opremljena. Odličan tržišni potencijal.

Nalazi se na glavnom bulevaru, odlična povezanost sa drugim djelovima grada, neposredna blizina sadržaja za svakodnevno funkcionisanje. 


Karakteristike: Nekretnina je: Namještena, Lift: IMA, Sprat: 3

Basic characteristics

Reference ID: 110976
External ID: 5871
Number of bathrooms: 1
Floor: 3
Number of rooms: 0


  • Reference ID: 110976
  • Published: 22.02.2023
  • Updated: 22.02.2023
  • Real Estate Ad published by: Multitask Nekretnine
  • Mediator ID: 0
  • Address: Preko Morače, Podgorica, Montenegro
  • Neighborhood: Preko Morače
  • Price: 80,000€
  • Square footage: 34m2

Preko Morače, Podgorica, Crna Gora

Preko Morače is a settlement in Podgorica which got its name because of its position in relation to the city center, on the other side of the river Morača. For many years it was a prestigious place to live, so the demand for apartments was high, which resulted in higher real estate prices. A large number of residential and commercial buildings were built during the reconstruction after the Second World War, so their architecture is typical for that period. Most of them were wide buildings with 5-6 floors and several of them were with 10 floors. At that time, the settlement was mostly inhabited by families of members of the JNA (Yugoslav People's Army). The settlement is comfortable to live in due to the good urban plan, wide streets, and green areas. The Boulevard of St. Peter of Cetinje passes through the settlement, with a beautiful promenade and numerous bars, service, trade, and catering objects. Among the most important institutions in the neighborhood are the Government of Montenegro, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Finance, the Sports Center Morača. In the western part of the settlement, there is the Kruševac Park, the Clinical Center of Montenegro and the RTCG building. Nearby, there is the Roman Square, which is the seat of telecommunications operators, banks, numerous cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. Apartments and business premises in this neighborhood are in high demand and are a very profitable investment.

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