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Stan Prodaja

Two Bedroom Apartment for Sale, 60m2, Prčanj, Kotor

Prčanj, Kotor, Crna Gora

Published by: Vito Estate
Price 105,000€
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Apartment in a building with a pool and a view of the bay - Prčanj, Kotor

The apartment has 2 bedrooms. The area of the apartment is 60m2. About 250-300 meters to the sea. New construction, unfurnished, but the apartment already has a kitchen. There is a swimming pool.

Basic characteristics
Reference ID 91727
Number of rooms 2
Distance from the sea 270
Terrace count 1
Reference ID: 91727 Published: 24-11-2022 Updated: 24-11-2022 Real Estate Ad published by: Vito Estate
Neighborhood: Prčanj Price 105,000€ Square footage: 60m2
Newly built
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Nino Nekret
Vito Estate Published by | Nino Nekret
01-12-2022 04:19
Prčanj, Kotor, Crna Gora

Prcanj is a small village 7 km away from Kotor, located between the mountains Orijen and Lovćen. It was founded by Boka warriors and sailors and named Perzano. Due to its location, experts consider it an ideal place for the treatment of the respiratory system, heart, skin and nerves. The main attributes of the place: the intersection of healing air currents, unforgettable beauty, the interaction of sea, wind, algae and Mediterranean vegetation that make it a natural climatic health resort to combat the greatest enemy of today - stress. The healing properties of this place have been noticed in the past by Russian doctors who have found refuge here with their families. Petar Petrović Njegoš was also treated here, and even today there is a villa where he stayed during his recovery. In addition to the coastal houses of the local population, the number of luxury villas, hotels and cottages is growing every year. The sea water in this part of the bay has an ideal temperature and belongs to the I category in terms of purity, which is why Prčanj is considered a real paradise for body and soul.

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Show Phone Number +38269855586
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Find out more about this real estate/property
Nino Nekret
Vito Estate Published by | Nino Nekret
01-12-2022 04:19