One Bedroom Apartment for Rent, 42m2, Centar, Budva

Centar, Budva, Crna Gora

700 €
  • One Bedroom Apartment for Rent, 42m2, Centar, Budva
  • One Bedroom Apartment for Rent, 42m2, Centar, Budva
  • One Bedroom Apartment for Rent, 42m2, Centar, Budva
  • One Bedroom Apartment for Rent, 42m2, Centar, Budva
  • One Bedroom Apartment for Rent, 42m2, Centar, Budva
  • One Bedroom Apartment for Rent, 42m2, Centar, Budva
  • One Bedroom Apartment for Rent, 42m2, Centar, Budva
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Izdaje se na godišnjem nivou jednosoban stan u centru Budve na glavnim semaforima.Površina stana iznosi 42m2 i nalazi se na 4 spratu stambene zgrade sa liftom.Cena 700€+ računi.Uslovi plaćanja dogovor.

Basic characteristics

Reference ID: 217191
Number of bathrooms: 1
Terrace count: 1
Number of rooms: 1
Floor: 4


  • Reference ID: 217191
  • Published: 12.02.2024
  • Updated: 12.02.2024
  • Real Estate Ad published by: SIRIUS NEKRETNINE
  • Neighborhood: Centar
  • Price: 700€
  • Square footage: 42m2

Centar, Budva, Crna Gora

Budva is a coastal town located on the Adriatic coast. According to the latest census, it has 18,000 inhabitants. Budva with its sandy beaches, beautiful villas, luxury hotels and rich nightlife rightly bears the title of the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism. The biggest tourist attraction is Budva's Old Town surrounded by Venetian walls built in the 15th century. The architecture of the Old Town is mostly Roman style of the Venetian Republic. In the Old Town there is the Church of St. John, which dates back to the 7th century, and the Church of the Mother of God from 840. Numerous manifestations and music festivals are held in Budva - Song of the Mediterranean, Sea Dance Festival, Night of the Mediterranean, Gastro Festival, Day of the Broad, with performances by artists from around the world. The specialties of the local national cuisine are also an unavoidable experience. There are 35 beautiful sandy beaches in the municipality (eight of them have a prestigious international recognition for the quality of service - blue flag).

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